Professional Pedestrian Control and Management Services in Melbourne

ATC Traffic provides reliable, professional and efficient pedestrian traffic management services in Melbourne. With over 15 years of industry experience and backed by a team of fully qualified and accredited traffic controllers, we assure you of the highest standards of safety and quality.
A construction site is a busy place. Cranes, mobile plant vehicles, HGVs and forklifts are a common sight at construction sites. General traffic and around the site deliveries must be managed efficiently especially if the construction project is in a commercial or residential area.
An effective pedestrian traffic control and management plan is extremely crucial. It ensures the safety of the general public whilst minimising the risk to workers. Vehicle movement, loading, reversing and unloading are fraught with risks and can cause the death of and injuries to members of the public and workers.

Pedestrian Traffic Control – Our Services

  • Our traffic controllers can ensure the following:
  • Provide clearly marked, separate pedestrian walkways.
  • Create vehicle exclusion zones for pedestrian-only areas, for instance around amenities, tearooms and pedestrian entrances.
  • Create pedestrian exclusion zones in areas where powered mobile plants operate.
  • Install pedestrian barriers and traffic control barricades, tapes, chains or bollards to secure areas where vehicles and powered mobile plants operate.
  • Deploy a competent person with the necessary qualifications and training to direct plant and equipment when operating near workers and other plant.
  • Designate specific parking spaces for visitors’ and workers’ vehicles outside the construction area.
  • Use traffic controllers, stop signs, mirrors or warning devices at a site’s exit points to ensure drivers know or see pedestrians before they drive onto public roads.
  • Provide clearly signed crossing points where walkways and roadways meet to ensure pedestrians and drivers can see each other easily and clearly.
  • Avoid blocking walkways to ensure pedestrians don’t have to step onto the vehicle route.
  • Schedule work so that powered mobile plants, vehicles and pedestrians aren’t in the same area at the same time.
  • In addition, our traffic controllers will also ensure vehicles moving on site safely.
  • Our traffic controllers will create customised traffic management plans that ensure the entries and exits to your site are controlled and the number of vehicles on site are managed at all times.

Pedestrian Management Specialists

Our pedestrian management products and services include:

  • Modern fleet of over 150 purpose-built special safety and traffic control vehicles.
  • Thorough site surveys & safety audits.
  • Supply and install road traffic control systems as well as equipment.
  • A large team of highly experienced, trained and accredited traffic controllers and supervisory staff.
  • Extensive equipment for hire including traffic signals, traffic lights, temporary lights, arrow boards, road cones, stop/go systems, emergency signs and pedestrian barriers.

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