Wide Range of Variable Message Signs for Hire in Melbourne

ATC Traffic offers high-quality VMS boards for hire in Melbourne. We offer the latest and the most advanced variable message sign (VMS) boards for hire. All our VMS boards meet regulatory standards and are available in a range of sizes and colours.
Our truck-mounted VMS boards for hire can display colour-coded messages, temporary speed limit signs and road sign graphics to ensure motorists can quickly assimilate traffic directions. Completely programmable and transportable, these signs are easy to maintain and offer a long service life.

Control Traffic with VMS Board Hire

A variable message sign is a self-powered sign mounted on a trailer, which can come handy in a range of traffic management requirements for your work zone. When your construction team is working on the roads, it’s important to not only protect them from the oncoming traffic but it’s equally important to safeguard the general public including motorists and pedestrians.
A VMS board is a highly effective traffic management solution especially when you are addressing multiple traffic issues or require flexibility in your signage. At the press of a button, you can switch the message being displayed on your VMS board and effectively control the flow of traffic as well as the safety of the general public in your work zone.
Although a work zone takes a small part of the roadway temporarily, the dangers are aplenty given the changing roadway conditions and the speed limits. Work zone crashes can affect drivers, passengers, construction workers and pedestrians. Moreover, they can lead to major delays in traffic, congestion, construction schedule delays or follow-on crashes.

The Need for VMS Board Hire

The most common causes of work zone crashes are:
High variance of speeds (between vehicles).
High vehicle speeds.
Driver inattention.
High traffic volume across the work zone.
Driver confusion about the work zone schedule and changing roadway conditions.
The use of VMS boards in work zones can help mitigate these problems. By communicate warning messages in real time, you can alert road users informed about what to expect so they can drive with caution and prevent any mishaps and incidents.

VMS Board Hire Specialists

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Our clients trust us for the standard of service we offer and the reliability of the products they hire from us. What’s more, with our 24/7 emergency traffic control service across Melbourne, help is just a call away.

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