Equipment Hire

We have a range of equipment to hire including VMS boards, TMAs and Portable Traffic Lights from our Melbourne office.

We service a range of clients with our hire equipment either integrated within a work site or as the hire only.

We can provide:

Variable Message Sign (VMS)

A VMS board is a self-powered sign mounted on a trailer that can be used for a range of traffic management needs. The boards can display up to 3 different screens of text in a range of 5 colours. A VMS board can be used for a range of different functions such as prior notification of a road closure, notification of a detour and to advertise an event among many more.

Portable Traffic Lights

Portable Traffic Lights can ease the flow of traffic on a busy road as well as allowing for a permanent contraflow site. We will set up the lights and assess the road for timing to ensure a safe and effective site.

Truck Mounted Attenuator (TMA)

Our Truck Mounted Attenuators are available for hire with or without a driver. Our TMAs are used on all works on or adjacent to high speed roads. A TMA is a Host Unit (truck) with an Impact Attenuator Unit used to protect the client/plant in the event of an accident.

C-Class Arrow Board

You can hire a trailer mounted C-Class Arrow Board from us to display a variety of arrows or a straight line. A C-Class Arrow Board is helpful for lane closures in a progressive or static site. Although all of our utes are fitted with a B-Class Arrow Board, a trailed mounted board can be easier in some situations as it can be left in 1 place for a long period of time.

Traffic Management Signage

Our signage is available for hire to set up permanent sites, as aftercare or for short-term hire. We can generate a Traffic Management Plan for you to set up with or we can implement the site for you.

If you would like to make a booking
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