Planning & Permits

We can provide a range of planning services such as Traffic Management Plans, Vic Roads approval, council approval and site visits. With our internal Planning Department the process is quick and easy.

At ATC Traffic we have our own internal Planning Department to streamline the process of planning your works.

The services our Planning Department can assist you with are:

  • Drawing Traffic Management Plans (TMP)
  • Obtaining a Memorandum of Authority (MOA) from Vic Roads
  • Applying for council permits
  • Attending site meetings
  • Assisting with site identification for set up and amount of Traffic Controllers required
  • Organising and completing a Letter of Notification to residents for a planned Road Closure
  • Working alongside Melbourne councils and Vic Roads to ensure a streamlined day of works

If you would like to request a plan
please call our office on:

(03) 9739 5880