Reliable Road Construction Traffic Control & Management in Melbourne

During a construction project, efficient and quick traffic management ensures the safety of pedestrians, motorists and the construction workers on the roads. ATC Traffic is a leading provider of road construction traffic control solutions in Melbourne.

With over 15 years of industry experience, we provide efficient, reliable and professional traffic control services for a range of construction projects. We have the skills, expertise and the equipment to deliver hassle-free service to our clients.

Planning Services

A traffic control plan is an important part of a traffic control process. To ensure the safety of workers and pedestrians, it’s essential to design traffic control measures and implement them appropriately.

At ATC Traffic, we focus on providing a stellar solution using innovative techniques. Our in-depth site audits and analysis allow us to provide a safe, efficient and cost-effective traffic management solution.
We will create a customised traffic plan to suit the size and scale of your project. We will work with you at every step to ensure regulatory compliance at every stage. Our traffic control plans and traffic guidance schemes ensure you are able to meet the necessary compliance requirements of VIC councils.
We minimise disruption to the public because of the construction work and ensure safety is maintained at every step.

Traffic Control

Our traffic controllers are fully accredited and have many years of experience. We take great pride in ensuring workplace safety for road construction projects.
The safety of your workers, road users and our clients is our primary objective. You can rely on our expert team for a sustainable and reliable construction traffic solution for a range of traffic control requirements.

Equipment and Signage Hire

We offer a range of signage products for use during your road construction project.
When you hire signs and equipment for traffic control, you must ensure compliance with relevant regulations. All our signage products and equipment comply with the most stringent regulations. This assures you of complete peace of mind.

With the latest range of equipment hire from ATC Traffic, your workplace is more productive and far safer. Here are some of the products we provide for hire:

  • VMS boards
  • Truck Mounted Attenuators (TMAs) for crew shadowing as well as additional safety at a busy workplace.
  • Vehicle and mounted B-class arrow boards.
  • Traffic cones and bollards.

Why Choose ATC Traffic?

  • Fully accredited, trained and experienced controllers.
  • 24/7 service.
  • Modern fleet of over 150+ trucks.
  • Integrity and transparency at every step of the process.
  • Complete assessment and planning.
  • Identification and effective management of all safety risks.
  • Procurement of plans and permits quickly.

Contact ATC Traffic today to discuss your requirements. Our friendly staff would be happy to answer your questions and schedule an obligation-free inspection and assessment. Call 03 9739 5880 now.

We take immense pride in our work on every job and are leading the way in the industry.

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