Health, Safety, Environment and Quality

ATC Traffic is a triple certified company with Safety, Quality and Environmental certifications.
Our aim is to constantly progress and stay at the forefront of our industry; this is achieved through constant monitoring, innovation and new technology that reduces hazards and delivers higher standards in quality and safety.
The HSEQ Management System seeks to ensure that ATC Traffic operates and delivers its services within the framework provided by:

ATC Traffic management - Environment system approved

ATC Traffic is dedicated to providing excellent resources in order to support our commitment to minimising our environmental impact.

One of these resources is our Assignar management software, which, in conjunction with the integrated Fieldworker App, will streamline and enhance many of our core functions such as bookings, reporting, communication, training records, etc. It will also greatly reduce the use of paper.

Through the Assignar management software we are able to keep track of vehicle service scheduling and any maintenance that is required to minimise pollution to the environment.


SPEAK UP FOR SAFETY – Mentorship Program

We know that Traffic Control can be a dangerous job with a big focus on identify risks and hazards. We have identified that new and inexperienced staff can lead to increased risk on our work sites. For this reason, we have developed a mentorship program to give new starters 4 weeks of on-site training to ensure they feel safe and comfortable on the road.

This initiative was brought about by our Speak Up for Safety working group that are aiming to eradicate risk in our roles where possible. Stay tuned for more updates from the team!

If you’d like any more information on how ATC aim to mitigate the risks on-site, contact our HSE Team.

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